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The school is located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, next to the San Lorenzo Market and Santa Maria Novella train station, on a quiet street in two locations of the same former old convent. The textile studio and office and the jewelry studio and gallery are in Via Guelfa 85. Both studio locations, adjacent to each other are very spacious and luminous, each with an outside patio space for a total of 750 square meters.

All the studios are very well equiped with all the necessary machinery and furniture needed for the jewelry and textile courses taught. The space breaks down into:

Via Guelfa 85
5 jewelry work rooms
1 very large light filled gallery, also used for design and lecture classes
1 extra design and lecture room
1 large storage room

In the Jewelry labs: there are flexshafts, sonic cleaners, polishers, grinders, lathe, sandblaster, wirepuller, hammering equipment, rolling mills, kilns, casting equipment, compressor, 2 large design light tables, 30 individual jeweler benches and a separate ventilated soldering room.

Office, computer and photocopy area

Via Guelfa 85
3 batik textile rooms
1 very large silkscreen printing room
1 large weaving room
1 sewing room
1 photo silkscreen darkroom
1 ink mixing and sink room
entry room
Dyeing Area

In the Textile labs: there are 6 long textile printing tables, 4 silkscreen printing presses for paper printing, a tee shirt printer, 2 large light tables, dark room with enlargers and vacumn silk screen exposure unit, hundreds of metal screens of various sizes, compressor and washout unit, large sinks for screen cleaning and dyeing processes, and a complete water purifying system to process and clean all the water used in the textile processes. There are many large tables throughout the studio for textile work. The weaving area has 16 looms of 4 to 16 harnesses of various widths, with all the loom dressing accessories. The sewing area has 10 normal sewing machines, two industrial sewing machines, a serger, industrial iron, regular irons, maniquins, and large cutting tables.

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