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1. The student who has more than 15% of abseces with insufficient reason will NOT able to present final projects. This also means that school will NOT issue a certification of frequency nor a diploma (only for year programs).

2. The student must follow the didactic programs of Art Studio Fuji.

3. The student is expected to be punctual for their time table of the course. Absences, class cuts and/tardiness and leaves are beyond the each student’s control, he or she may NOT modify or substitute the courses. In case of emergency or special reasons,  the students may substitute the course hours with the permission of the Director.

4. The student agrees to pay the course deposit and tuition fees. The deposit is 20% of the course/s semester/s price chosen. The remainder of 80% of tuition fee must be paid during the first week of classes.
Courses more than 6months arrangements can be made to pay in 3 installments.

5. No reimbursement will be made if cancellation arrives 30 days before beginning of the course. If the cancellation arrives before this period, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

6. The cancelling the enrollment after the class begins, an enrollee may NOT recieve deposit fee.

7. The students accept to pay Laboratory Fee at the beginning of the every course or semester. Art Studio Fuji provides the laboratories, large scale machines, basic hand tools and basic materials.

8. The school assumes no responsability for possible damages, injuries caused by students on their person or property. Students must follow the instructions and class room regulations when they use the school facilities.

9. Art Studio Fuji does NOT make student housing arrangements.The students are responsable for their own accomodation.

10. The Student is obliged to leave photos of their works which are made or projected during the course or the record and documentation of the school. Art Studio Fuji may use these documents and images for school website or publicities indicating the name of the author. I declare that I have read and accept the school rules and regulations of Art Studio Fuji.

Upon receipt of the student's application form the school will, on approval, send a letter of acceptance certifying that the student has been registered with starting and dates specified by the student. The letter of certification can also be used for presentation at the Italian consolate for obtaining the student study visa if the is required. No reimbursement will be made if cancellation arrives 30 days before beginning of the course. If the cancellation arrives before this period, 50% of the deposit will be refund. No refunds will be after classes begin.

The CERTIFICATES OF ATTESTATIONS is granted to students for the total hours attended under six months.
The DIPLOMA, Courses lasting a minimum of one year will include an examination at its conclusion. The student will given an oral examination in eich a discussion of various techniques covered will take place. A presentation of the student works will also be made. Upon successful completion of the requirements and passing of the examination, a diploma of the level will be granted.
All our courses are taght in both Englesh and Italian. All our teachers are, at the minimum, bi-lingual. Courses taught only Italian will be specified.

All inquires will be referd to a housing agency that works closely with the school. Three types of accomation are recommended: Family (bed and breakfast), Student apartament (double room shared or single room not shared), Pensione (bed and breakfast).

A minimum of two collective exhibits of student work is held usuallly at the beginning of April and December. If it merits, students and independent artist can arrange to hold a private showing of their works on the school premises.
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